9 Envious Emerald Engagement Rings

emerald engagement ring 

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Alternative Engagement Rings have become vastly more popular in recent years! Many couples are choosing not only to pick out these commitment symbols together, but are choosing to step away from the traditional ‚Äėa diamond is forever‚Äô outlook. Natural gemstones have taken over the engagement jewelry circuit and the most popular alternative stone is the Emerald.

The big question is, WHY?


The greatest attribute to this alternative gemstone is its ethical origins and mining! Our Emeralds are strenuously (I think this word is confusing) sourced through suppliers who go to mines, most notably in Australia, to oversee the process of mining this rare stone. The ethical mining procedures create a conflict free setting where the Emeralds can be well distributed.

Having an ethical engagement ring is often sought after and that makes the Emerald the perfect alternative ring!

Exciting and Unique

The Emerald can come in a variety of shades, which gives the wearer of the ring a personalization choice! This choice is most exciting because of the lifelong commitment to the ring.

The natural inclusions of the Emerald also create a unique style choice. Many will look at an Emerald and think it is vintage in appearance because of these inclusions. The ‚Äėveins‚Äô of the stone are so varied that it makes it impossible to have two stones be alike!¬†

Fun Fact: Emeralds are more rare than a diamond, but they are actually more affordable! 

This makes for the perfect engagement ring! A rare stone that is completely unique to the wearer is already a steal, but having that stone be affordable gives the average person the ability to have beautiful pieces.

Celebrity Favorites
Emeralds are even popular among the famous! Here are the most notable Celebrity Emerald engagement rings!


Elizabeth Taylor's Emerald Suite     Megan Fox Engagement Ring    Victoria Beckham Emerald Ring    Jackie O's Engagement Ring
          Elizabeth Taylor                   Megan Fox              Victoria Beckham                       Jackie Kennedy

Emeralds and Relationships

Emeralds are known to symbolize fidelity, romance, and love. An Emerald engagement ring is a sign of a deep mature love that will bring about a happy, but unique commitment. 

Not only does the stone symbolize a great commitment, but the color of this stone represents new beginnings in love and in life. The green of the Emerald energies the connection deep between partners.

The Best Cut For Your Personality

The most common question that we at JSL receive is: what ring shape works best for me? We have outlined our Emerald shapes or cuts by personality so that you can choose without a doubt which Emerald ring is perfect for your engagement ring!

1. Square Cut

The square cut Emerald is perfect for the lovers of antiques and art deco styles. This cut gravitates towards understated elegance. Its old world feel will give a vintage look.


emerald engagement ring


2. Emerald Cut

The Emerald Cut carries great elegance and is perfect for those who look for refinement. This cut is classy with an edge.
- This ring gives us old-Hollywood vibes. Minimalist and Elegant, yet sure to make a statement - 
emerald engagement ring

emerald engagement ring
- This Emerald ring is inspired by the Iconic Elizabeth Taylor. The cut is still extremely art-deco, but with a high air of Class and Sophistication -
emerald engagement ring 

3. Cushion Cut

The cushion cut is perfect for the trend setter who wants a unique, but soft look. This cut enhances the original square cut to create a new balance of fun. 
emerald engagement ring

4. Pear or Teardrop Cut

One of the most uncommon but unique cuts is the Teardrop or commonly known as the Pear Cut. Best for those who create their own path and move at their own pace, this cut will gravitate them towards the unknown.

emerald engagement ring 

5. Hexagon Cut

The most nontraditional cut is the Hexagon. This is the perfect cut for those who seek adventure and excitement in life. Its captivating six points makes for our most unique style yet. 

emerald engagement ring 
Final Thoughts
In choosing that perfect ring for engagement, the many options can overwhelm even the most decisive person. The Emerald is perfect for those who want a unique story to tell and that makes it the most popular alternative stone for engagement rings! Not only is it a beautiful stone, it is also creative and insightful.
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