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Who Do We Donate To?

We help small rescues who need the donations, but more so, we help rescues who cater more to the animals than to the humans. When it is all about the animals, they get what they need and the world is a better place. 10% of our sales go directly to these animal rescues that need the most help! 

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Are Our Stones Natural? How Are They Mined?

The short answer is yes! Our Gemstones are 100% natural and ethically mined! We work with a small father/son team in Thailand to mine these beautiful stones and then we have them cut in house! 

This is really great for our customers and for us because we get our beautiful natural gemstones at a reduced cost to be able to sell them at the prices we have!

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Certifications of Gemstones

We forgo certifications of our gemstones to keep the prices even lower for our customers! A certification can cost between $100 - $150 per stone so we decided to not have them to keep the prices affordable!

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Do We Make Custom Designed Orders?

Yes! We LOVE Design Your Own jewelry pieces and absolutely adore creating unique, one of a kind orders! We will work with you to create a beautiful design that you love!

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Do We Accept Exchanges and/or Returns?

We do accept exchanges on select items! Please email us to start the exchange process! You will have 14 days from delivery of your item to initiate the exchange process with us.

Please Note: We DO NOT offer return labels for exchanges/returns for any reason.

Final Sale Items That Cannot Be Returned/Exchanged:
-Design Your Own/Custom Orders
-Solid Gold Items
-Raw Diamonds
-Exchange Fees
-Shipping Fees/Taxes

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Payment Plans

JSL is proud to offer our customers layaway plans/payment plans for our products with 0 interest! Check out the product you'd like to purchase and you will find several options to choose from under the "add to cart" section!

Shipping Delays

However unfortunate, shipping delays do occur whilst in the hands of any postal carrier. Please know once we drop the package off at the postal carrier it is out of our hands and we are not held responsible for any delays, loss of items, and items that are broken in transit. We are more than happy to help you with your purchase but the quickest way to get shipping questions answered is by going directly to the source and contacting the carrier.

Please see our Shipping Policy for more information.

Can I Choose My Stone?

At this time, JSL is not able to offer free pictures or videos of stone options for customers. You can leave your stone preferences in the 'note to seller' box at checkout and we will do our best to accomodate that.

Please reach out to us if you have a specific detailed preference. JSL can offer a case by case basis stone selection on select orders only for $5 per photo and $10 per video for our time and labor.

We do offer Customizable items! Check them out now!

How To Know Your Ring Size

We know a few tricks to find out your exact ring size!

1. The most accurate way is to go to a jewelry store and get sized there. If that's not something that you're able to do at this time, that's completely understandable.

2. The second most accurate way is to get a ring sizer. We have them available and they're very convenient!

3. The third way is to take a picture of a ring that fits you. You can send it to us and we will determine your ring size from there!

Steps to photograph your ring size:  

-Get out a ruler that has an inch side and mm side.
-Line up the ring on the mm side of the ruler.
-Place the ring laying flat on top of the ruler and have the mm side of the rule going across the center of the ring.
-Line up the 0 mark on the inside of the band and take the picture from the top. 

Ring Size How To

How To Care For Sterling Silver And Gold Fill

Sterling Silver and Gold Fill, like all metals, can tarnish if not taken care of properly! The best course of action is to keep your metals clean!

14K Gold Vs Gold Fill

The main difference between 14K gold (‘14K’ - meaning the percentage of gold) and gold fill is a chemical mixture. 14K gold is 100 percent gold inside and outside of the molecule. In gold fill, the gold bonds onto another molecule and it covers all the molecules in the gold. Because of that, the only molecule that touches your skin is the actual gold. Since there are other metals under the gold molecules it uses less weight of gold making gold fill more affordable than solid gold. 

The main reason that most people get solid gold over gold fill is that it will hold up more over time. Gold fill is more fragile in the presence of other chemicals which will make it deteriorate overtime, if not taken care of properly.That said, the only type of damage that can be done to a gold filled ring is chemical damage. Gold fill is still far more durable than gold plated and even sterling silver. 

Technically, if you are allergic to every metal other than gold, you should be able to wear gold fill because gold is the only molecule that will touch your skin. 

Final Thoughts

We hope this answers any questions that might come up! If you have additional concerns, please reach out to us via the contact page! 

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JSL Team :)