What Does Your Birthstone Mean?

Not sure what your birthstone is? Not sure what it means?

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What is a Birthstone?

Birthstones are special gemstones that represent the month of a birth. Though there are modern vs. traditional versions of each birthstone, each month will have a specific stone correlating to that birth month. Wearing your birthstone is known to bring good fortune, health, and protection. Astrologers also have historically associated supernatural powers with these gemstones.

Wearing birthstones as jewelry became popular in Europe during the Enlightenment Era. It’s attributes in bringing good fortune and healing are said to have become a symbol in this age full of innovation and philosophical thinking.

In America, these gemstones became more popular during the early 1900’s when the American National Retail Jeweler’s Association created a standard list of the modern birthstones and their correlating month. 

Today, birthstones are still a very popular gift across the world. Due to the widely popular celebrations of life, birthdays, and gift giving holidays, birthstones are culturally known to be the perfect gift for a loved one.

More recently, birthstones are also widely popular with the millennial generation as they are being used for engagement jewelry pieces. Gemstones in general have taken over the millennial eye regarding engagement, as we move away from the gift of a diamond. The birthstone is seen as a more unique and personalized statement when asking that big question. 

Below, you will find each birthstone by month and their meaning! 

January: Garnet

The January birthstone is Garnet. Popular throughout history, the garnet is renowned as a symbol of peace, health, and deep friendship. It is a passionate stone that is known to contribute to love, relationships, and friendships. There are some who believe that gazing at a red garnet could lead to crimes of passion. 

Garnet was also thought to enhance karma. ‘Do good while wearing the stone and more good will be bestowed upon you.’ These stones are used to heal depression and stimulate the heart. It is said that a garnet’s purpose can’t be harnessed unless the stone has been cut and polished.

February: Amethyst

The February birthstone is the Amethyst. The stone has been noticeably used in royal jewelry all over the world, from ancient Egypt to the British crown jewels. In some cultures, the color purple is a symbol of royalty, so this stone was used as a status symbol. 

Amethyst was known to control intrusive thoughts, sharpen wit, add charisma, and aid a warrior to victory. Historically, astrologists believed that the amethyst helped protect the wearer from diseases and physical harm. 

Amethyst was known as a stone that would bring forth the highest and purest thoughts of the greatest thinkers. It had serendipitous control over their thoughts. The stone encouraged you to be calm and brave, forsaking passionate means and ideas. 

March: Aquamarine

The March birthstone is Aquamarine. The seawater color of stone has given it its name. It is a valued gemstone that varies in popularity. The sea green varieties of the stone were the most popular in the early 1900’s, but today, the more blue it is, the more popular it becomes.

This stone is known to improve your overall sense of well-being. It can be used to combat procrastination and gives you the ability to think clearly and make quick decisions. It promotes motivation and comfort in times of intense physical and emotional stress. 

It can aid in promoting spiritual and psychological awareness in a purifying way to break off from your own negative behaviors or thoughts. Most noteworthy is that the Aquamarine can bring your soul repair and healing at very deep levels. 

April: Diamond

The April birthstone is the Diamond. We have all heard the term “a diamond is forever” as the vast majority of modern day engagement rings are made with this stone. It is rumored that the first diamonds were mined in India, about 3000 years ago!

Diamonds are known to improve your energy and your growth. This stone  also symbolizes strength and courage in times of great stress. The purity of love is a major attribute that this stone attracts. It can help accomplish your virtues and your ambitions.

May: Emerald

The May birthstone is the Emerald. A lovely, forest green, this stone has been coveted for centuries. Thought to be discovered by the Ancient Egyptians, these stones have become increasingly more rare and more valuable than even the diamond.  

This stone is known to help the mind and free the spirit. It is an intense spiritual stone that some say offers closeness to God. Being in possession of this stone has been described as a religious experience that aids the beholder to a universal plan. 

More recently, Emeralds are used for calming and balancing energy to the wearer or user of this stone. It can help with anxiety and stabilize the mind and body. Like all birthstones, they are said to give good fortune and healing properties.

June: Alexandrite & Moonstone

The June birthstone is the Alexandrite. This rare gemstone is more on the modern side of astrology. It doesn’t have as long a history like many of these gemstones do, since it was discovered in the late 1800’s.

The Alexandrite is known to have restoring properties of both internal and external internal. The energy of the stone carries great weight to those who wield it. More recently, this stone is used in crystal healing to treat physical and mental ailments. There are some that believe it helps with more serious illnesses.

The Moonstone is a stone of New Beginnings! Wear this to bring change to your life, or help you adapt to the change surrounding you!

July: Ruby

The July birthstone is the Ruby. In pop culture when one thinks of a ruby, they think of “The Wizard Of Oz” and Dorothy’s slippers. Little girl’s often beg for these shoes as a keepsake and homage to this wonderful movie, but there's more than that to the ruby gemstone. It’s enticing beauty is powerful and passionate. Some say that this stone represents love and adoration.

Today, the ruby is still considered a passionate, energetic, and love filled stone that represents relationships and commitment. The powerful emotions that a ruby can foretell makes this stone a strong, but dangerous one to possess. Like the garnet, rubies are known to cause great bursts of emotion. Some use the ruby as a dynamic tool that brings passion and enthusiasm to the wielder. 

August: Peridot

The August birthstone is the Peridot. This incredibly beautiful stone was traditionally used as a talisman in ruitals of many cultures. Surprisingly, this stone is at the center of most historic events. In Ancient Egypt, the stone was used by the pharaohs in their rituals to the gods, as an offering. In Medieval Europe, the Peridot was said to be given to one’s children on their betrothal day as a sign of good luck and good fortune.  

Users and wearers of the Peridot claim that the stone helps to open one’s heart to another. It can unburden the thoughts of a weary mind and lay to rest the guilt of a deed gone wrong. It can be used as a therapeutic stone to help guide your spirit to a lighter, healthier place. The mind becomes sharper and your energy can become stronger. 

September: Sapphire

The September birthstone is the Sapphire. These incredibly blue stones have been admired by history as a reflection of the sky. Used as a holy relic in Medieval Europe, the church recognized this stone as a gateway to heaven. Poets wrote ballads praising this stone for it’s purity and holy like radiance.

The use of a sapphire is known to help with a lighter attitude in life. It can promote self awareness and motivation, while moving you on your correct path. The wearer of a sapphire is known to be protected through the mind. 

Sapphires are a physical healing stone as well. They were used in times of great illness to break fevers and help achy stomachs. Mosted used this way during the great plague in Europe, this stone is said to have brought strength to the one who processes it.

October: Opal

The October birthstone is the Opal. Though it is a more modernly adapted birthstone, the traditional pink tourmaline goes hand in hand with the Opal for the month of October. The name ‘Opal’ in Latin means “precious stone.” It is popular for being lucky and used in times of need for good fortune.

The Opal is known to be used to amplify the personality, whether good or bad. It can strengthen self worth and confidence. Along with being lucky, this stone is often admired by those with spontaneity. Wearers of the Opal were often overcome with great bursts of joy and a need to start something bold.

November: Citrine

The November birthstone is the Citrine. Becoming popular in the early 1900’s, it spanned an Art Deco revolution between the World Wars era. Citrines were cut larger to fit the elaborate jewelry pieces of old Hollywood around this time. 

Citrine was known to be a healing stone. It would heal the physical ailments but also the spiritual side as well. Thought to carry the power of the sun, the stone can be used to combat depression and lowered self esteem. It’s radiant beams inside give the user a sense of worth and brilliance. 

The stone can be used as a mental awakening. Freeing the mind from past emotions, it can transfer positivity by stimulating intellect and logic. It can be looked at as a guiding stone, by steering the wearer on the right path, finding solutions to their troubles.

December: Tanzanite

The December birthstone is Tanzanite. Though a more modern version of the birthstone, the Tanzanite is the most rare and precious stone to appear. 

Found in the 1960’s at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Manuel D’Souza started mining these stones that he first thought of as Sapphires. Once he realized the color differences, the stone was renamed Tanzanite for the region it was founded. It is the most rare stone, often mentioned as an heirloom stone, because these can only found in the mines at the foot of the great volcano. Once this every stone has been mined, it is not likely we, as humans, will see a natural Tanzanite again. 

The Tanzanite changes colors when it is viewed from different lighting angles. The color changes are known by gem enthusiasts to help open the mind and develop innovative ideas. The gemstone opens an awareness of the comparison between how one lives and how one could choose to live more consciously. Thought to be a creative stone, it helps to create and strengthen one’s calling.

What Do You Think?

Overall, birthstones are a really amazing stone that correlates with the month of your birth! They are a great representation of your zodiac and your personality. They are a great personalized gift to give someone you love!

Now that you know your birthstone and what it means, tell us what you think! 

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