Ring Size Guide

Looking for help with Ring Sizing? JSL has you covered!

Determining Your Ring Size

Ensuring the perfect fit for your cherished jewelry piece is essential for both comfort and elegance. Here are the recommended methods to determine your ring size accurately:

1.Professional Sizing: The most precise method is to visit a reputable jewelry store where skilled professionals can measure your finger accurately.

2. Ring Sizer Tool: Alternatively, acquire a ring sizer tool for a convenient at-home measurement experience. Simply wrap the sizer around your desired finger, adjusting until you find the perfect fit—snug enough to stay put yet allowing smooth passage over the knuckle.

3. Measuring An Existing Ring: If you possess a ring that fits comfortably, you can measure its diameter using a ruler. Lay the ring flat on a ruler, aligning it with the mm side, and note the measurement. Refer to our ring size chart and example photo for accurate conversion.


How Should Your Ring Fit?

A well-fitted ring should glide effortlessly over your knuckle while resting snugly on your finger without feeling overly tight. You should encounter slight resistance, indicating a secure fit without undue pressure.

In-Between Sizes

In instances where your measurement falls between two sizes, we recommend opting for the larger size. Finger size can fluctuate, and a ring that is too snug might pose discomfort when worn for extended periods. Conversely, slight adjustments can be made to accommodate a slightly loose ring, ensuring both comfort and elegance.

JSL can custom make quarter and half sizes for most rings. Reach out to us if you have a specific concern and we will help!

More Tips for Ring Sizing

- Dominant Hand Consideration: Remember that our dominant hand tends to be marginally larger. Measure the hand intended for the ring for the most accurate fit.

- Band Width Impact: Wider bands typically fit tighter. Allow for slight adjustments—consider sizing up for chunkier designs and down for delicate bands.

Most JSL bands are 1mm, but if you have a specific question, let us know!

- Temperature and Time of Measurement: Keep in mind that finger size may vary with temperature and time of day. Aim to measure when your body temperature is normal, preferably during the middle or end of the day.

- Knuckle Consideration: For those with prominent knuckles, measuring both the knuckle and finger base ensures a comfortable fit. Opt for a size that strikes the right balance—easy passage over the knuckle without sacrificing comfort.

Are There Any Types of Rings That Can't Be Resized?

Yes. Certain rings, such as eternity bands and alternative metal styles aren't eligible for resizing due to the structure or material of their designs.

We can offer you an exchange to a new ring or to a different item in our shop within our 14-day exchange period for a fee. The ring must be in perfect condition to be approved.

Please see our Refund Policy here for any additional questions. 



I think these are so pretty and well made! I bought the matching emerald ring from them and wear it every day- when I wear them together they are such a pretty set. Super eye catching and such a gorgeous deep color!

Kirkland, WA

I’ve been wanting to buy one of these rings for several years. Happy Valentine’s Day to me! I requested a bright pink color and they came through. Absolutely love it! Will be back for more jewelry. :)

Roswell, GA

It was gift and LOVE!

Davie, FL

Very pleased with the ring, perfectly cut stone to a custom made size as requested. Seller has been amazing throughout and even sent a rose quarts stone as a gift which was very kind. A stunning ring, highly recommend as it’s real natural raw emerald. Fast delivery from America as I ordered from the UK. Thank you so much! 💚

London, UK

When I opened the box I fell in love all over again, stunning! I also love that the package and sticker are biodegradable and recyclable. Thank you so much and will return for more!

Fond Du Lac, WA