Ethical Mining and Stone Quality

One of the most common questions that we are asked is how we can sell our jewelry at affordable prices. Many are under the impression that natural gemstones cannot be affordable, and therefore are not for the average person. We are proud to be able to maintain an ethical mining process to create jewelry at a reasonable price! Read on for details on how we do this!

Ethical Mining

The low price and high quality is part of the secret sauce to our business. We found an amazing father and son team from Thailand who work with gemstone miners. These miners will mine for the clear perfect gemstones that they can sell at an extremely high price. The miners throw out the rest because they're not as valuable to them. Our suppliers acquire these raw opaque gemstones for a great price for us! 

This is really great for our customers and for us because we get our beautiful natural gemstones at a reduced cost to be able to sell them at the prices we have. We have all of the gemstones cut in house to keep the prices more affordable.

Generally, we forego certifications of our gemstones to keep the prices even lower. A certification can cost between $100 - $150 per stone so we decided to not have them to keep the prices affordable for our customers! We, along with our team, appraise these gemstones and thoroughly inspect each piece before they are cut and made into our jewelry. 

The biggest giveaway to knowing that the stone is natural is that the weight is significantly heavier than lab created stones. They each will have small inclusions and fractures when you look at them under a microscope opposed to lab created or crystals that are completely perfect and flawless.

We are proud to say that this helps out small businesses in other countries and that helps to drive our mission of making the world a better place! All of that said, this makes mining completely ethical and affordable for our customers!

Patented Signature Cut

We have created a signature patented cut for our gemstones! It took two years for Paige to create and perfect this cut! After trial and error, we have implemented this signature cut into several jewelry options including:

“The Ash” Ring  

“The Asher” Ring

“The Ashton” Ring

“The Ashford” Men’s Ring

“The Ashlynn” Necklace

"The Ashbourn" Bracelet

“The Ashera” Earrings

We are incredibly proud to have a line of products in this cut that show off the simplistic and minimalist design. Our patented cut is made for daily wear, where you can dress it up or dress it down! It is perfect for every occasion and is made to last a lifetime!


We are so happy to be able to share our business model and ethical practices with our customers! There are so many wonderful aspects of this affordable jewelry. After all, beautiful things make the world a little brighter, but making sure they are ethical makes the biggest difference.


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JSL Team :)