Your Impact - Donating to Animals!

Jewelry Saving Lives was founded with the purpose of making the world a better place. Our greatest source of love and inspiration is animals. We cater to these animals who need love, attention, and a forever home. Here is just a little bit of what we do to help and how it all happens!

What We Do

The most important aspect of this business is the donations that we give. We donate to rescues who cater to injured, abused, and homeless animals in particular because this is who needs the most help. 

Something a bit unique about us is that we donate to all animal rescues, not just exclusively to dog or cat rescues. Some of the rescues we have a particular interest in are: Wildlife centers, Lion rescues, and Guinea pigs sanctuaries!

When the company was founded, Jewelry Saving Lives donated to several worthy causes. Each came from many different organizations from animals, to civil rights, to activism within the LGBTQ+ community. While we do support these organizations and help out where we can, we changed our focus primarily to helping animals because of this one key fact:

Out of all the money donated in the entire world only, 3% is donated to animals of any kind. That small number becomes even smaller when only 24% of that 3% is donated to domestic animals.

We could not let that small percentage go unnoticed, so we do all that we can to help. Animals need an advocate because they don’t have a voice. It is our passion and our duty to create a safe environment for them.

How We Do It

Through our jewelry profits, we donate 10% of our sales. These donations go directly to animal shelters that we believe need it the most. We go through a thorough vetting process to determine who needs the most help and then we donate. 

We believe in donating to smaller rescues, because they benefit from the money more and the impact is much stronger. We are able to help and do so much good for these smaller rescues because they truly need it.

In addition to our sales, we also have a contest! Every Friday in October, we do a social media contest where we ask our followers to post their fur babies in their Halloween Costumes. The winner receives a free piece of jewelry AND we donate at least $1000 to an animal shelter of their choice!

Who Does it Help

In general, we help those small rescues who need the money, but more so, we help rescues who cater more to the animals than to the humans. When it is all about the animals, they get what they need and the world is a better place. 

That said, we are so incredibly proud to be able to name a few rescues we donate to and work closely with.

1. Scout’s Honor

Scout’s Honor is truly one of our favorite rescues to work with because every single employee is a volunteer, the organization leader included. There is not a pay scale and all the money goes directly to the animals they care for.

Their main focus is on saving animals from abusive situations. This can range from finding an animal a forever home to rescuing them from dangerous circumstances.  

The most notable attribute that this rescue stands by is all breeds are welcome. They do not reject based on an animal’s particular breed, when many rescues do. 

If you would like learn more about Scout’s Honor check out their website here.


2. Dallas Dogs RRR

Dallas Dogs RRR is another favorite of ours because they take on the most challenging animal cases. Their main goal is to help the animals that really need the most help. 

With that, their greatest focus is in rehabilitating animals. Not many rescues will do the actual rehabilitation for their fur babies and that can be a really daunting task.

They choose to save those facing the greatest odds, which is top tier advocacy for these creatures.

If you would like to learn more about Dallas Dogs RRR check out their website here.


3. K-9 Angels Rescue

K-9 Angels Rescue is one of the most fiercely compassionate shelters that we have come across. They are one of our favorites because they are all about finding the right home for the right animal. 

One of the greatest attributes is that they will find you the best fit for your family. They do not like rehoming (or animals being brought back), so the staff will go through a thorough vetting process with the potential adopter to know that they are right for the animal. 

They are a volunteer based rescue with over 350 volunteers, which is crazy amazing! Since this is a volunteer rescue, the staff does not have a pay scale and even their board does not receive compensation. This means every donation goes directly to the animals.

If you would like to learn more about K-9 Angels Rescue, check out their website here.


Overall, we believe that helping out animals in need truly makes the world a better place. Our hope is to fill today’s world with beautiful jewelry and give domestic animals that perfect forever home!

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JSL Team :)