Mother’s Day

Selfless. Supportive. Strong. These are the top words to describe a Mom!
Mom’s give everything they have, so why not give her a gift that gives back for her special day?
Here are the most talked about Mother’s Day gifts JSL has to offer!

1. The Asher - Pick Your Own Stone

Our most popular gift: our signature Asher Ring! This ring comes in each birthstone type so your Mom will receive a beautiful personalized gift!

The Asher - JSL

2. The Ashlynn Custom - Birthstone Family Necklace

Family Birthstone necklaces are the best gift to give your mom! Respect the day she became your mom!

The Ashlynn - JSL

3. The Audrey Rings

Our Audrey Rings come in a variety of stone choices, but the most popular for Mother’s Day is the Natural Emerald!


4. Mystery Box

Not quite sure what to get your mom this year? Try out our Mystery Box! You can choose between a necklace, ring, or earrings and we will make her a surprise custom product!

 Mystery Box - JSL

5. Alexandrite Necklace

Always a fan favorite, the Alexandrite necklace is a classy piece made for a classy mom!

 Alexandrite Necklace - JSL

6. The Ashton Rings

The Ashton Rings come in a variety of stone choices, but we find that mom’s favor the Emerald above all!

 The Ashton - Natural Emerald - JSL

7. The Ashera - Natural Pick Your Own Dangle Earrings

Much like our Asher Ring, The Ashera Dangle Earrings are so popular! Give your mom a matching set, complete with these earrings.

 The Ashera - Natural Pick Your Own Stone - JSL

8. Oval Star Sapphire Earrings

Star Sapphires are always the key to a mom’s heart! Not only are they a sparkly blue, but the star shines bright!

 Oval Star Sapphire Earrings - JSL

9. Emerald Earrings

Our round Emerald Earrings are a classic at JSL! These are perfect for the exceptional mom who likes to dress up or dress down in accessories!

 Emerald Earrings - JSL

10. Sapphire Necklace

The Sapphire Necklace is a perfect everyday piece to give to that mom who loves minimalistic looks and simplistic jewelry. 

 Sapphire Necklace - JSL

Luxe Mother’s Day

Want to give your mom something extra special? Try out our Luxe gifts below: 

1. Emerald Cut Emerald Necklace

This necklace is a statement piece to rival any other! The necklace comes in 3 stone size options for that perfect look!

Emerald Cut Emerald Necklace - JSL

2. Statement Tanzanite Necklace

Our Tanzanite's are not only beautiful but they are incredibly rare! Let your mom know how special she is with this statement piece. These stones won’t be around forever!

 Statement Tanzanite Necklace - JSL

3. Star Sapphire Ring

The Star Sapphire Ring, much like the earrings, sparkle blue and shine a star so bright! Let your mom know how bright her star is with this ring!

 Star Sapphire Ring - JSl

4. The Audrina - Natural Aquamarine Ring

The Audrina Aquamarine is a stunning statement piece that will brighten up your Mom's day! 

 The Audrina - Natural Aquamarine - JSL

5. The Juliet Rings

Our Juliet collection is radiant and beautiful! Try out our variety of Tanzanites, Sapphires, and Opal Rings! Our most popular is the AAA Tanzanite below!


6. The Juliet Natural Tanzanite Ring

This ring is a new addition to the JSL family! The setting is designed to look like a tree branch. Made with our rare Tanzanite stone, this beauty is the perfect statement piece for any classy mom!

 The Juliet - Tanzanite Branch - JSL

7. The Audie Earrings

The Audie Earrings come in a variety of stone options, but the most popular among moms are the Emeralds!

 The Audi - Natural Emerald - JSL

8. AAA Natural Tanzanite Oval Studs

These earrings are so bright that they shine in different lighting! They are rare stones, making each pair of earrings unique to the wearer.

 AAA Natural Tanzanite Earrings - JSL

9. Sapphire Bezel Ring

Our Sapphire Bezel Ring allows for the stone to touch skin! Give your mom the gift of gemstone power with this beautiful ring!

Sapphire Bezel Ring - JSL

10. The Asher - Natural Raw Diamond Ring

Want to give your mom something she will cherish forever? Give her our Asher Cut Raw Diamond Ring! These come as Salt and Pepper and some even glow!

 The Asher Natural Salt and Pepper Diamond - JSL The Asher Glowing Diamond Ring - JSL

Final Thoughts

Mother’s Day is all about the laughter, the love, and the best moments in a mom’s life! Share these memories together with a genuine piece of jewelry that will make her smile!

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JSL Team :)