2023 Halloween Giveaway Winners

We are SO excited to share this year's Halloween Giveaway winners! See all the adorable fur babies in their costumes and the rescues we've helped this month! 
Contest Winners
Week 1: Pepper - This adorable baby dressed up as a clown this year and stole our hearts! 
Halloween Winner - JSL
Week 2: Orion, Evie, and Zoe - these adorable babies dressed up as the Beast from Beaty and The Beast and the Nightmare Before Christmas characters!
Winner 2 -JSL Winner 2 - JSL
Week 3: Indy - this adorable baby is Georgie from Stephen King's It! 
Indy - JSL
Week 4: Charlie & Oliver - these cute Frenchie's are dressed up as various pop culture characters. Our favorite is Back to the Future!
Animal Rescue Winners
Week 1:  Almost Home Canine Rescue - Their mission is to rescue as many homeless, abused, and abandoned dogs as they can, to provide proper veterinary care, and placement into loving homes! We donated $500 worth of their Amazon Wishlist to this AMAZING organization!
Almost Home Rescue - JSL
Week 2: Mac's Mission - Mac's Mission specializes in special needs cases and focuses on homeless dogs who are in medical crisis and would die without the life-saving care they are able to provide. We donated $500 this is amazing organization!!
Mac's Mission - JSL
Week 3: Furrever Friends Rescue - This rescue is dedicated to building a better community for homeless cats through education, adoption, foster care, volunteer work and community events. They are a no kill kitty cat shelter focusing on the most needed cats in their area. We donated $500 worth of their Chewy wishlist to help these kittens in need! 
Furrever Friends Rescue - JSL
Week 4: Bubbles Dog RescueWe donated $500 to this rescue that works to truly help make Los Angeles and its surrounding area, No Kill. They advocate for the humane treatment of all animals and aim to provide rescued pets with their forever homes.
Final Thoughts
Thanks to everyone who entered! We are SO happy to be able to help so many animal rescues in need this month! We can't wait for next year's contest! 
JSL Team :)