Amazonite: The Stone of Truth

Amazonite, a captivating symbol of hope, is a gemstone stone that carries great emotional and spiritual meaning. It is called the Stone of Courage and the Stone of Truth because it empowers the wearer to discover their own truth and perception. It encourages those who use it to live in alignment with their beliefs and values and provides freedom to express thoughts and feelings honestly.


Amazonite is named for the Amazon River in Brazil where ‘green stones’ were discovered centuries ago. The jungle region surrounding the river was home to stones of this same color and deposits, but scientists do not know if the modern Amazonite stone was once home to the base of the Amazon River. It is speculation, but the stone kept its name nonetheless.

As a powerful tool in healing and spirituality, this stone has been used in jewelry as far back as Mesopotamian culture. Most notably, this stone was popularly worn as an amulet to keep the heart chakra intact. Many pieces of this stone were turned into beads and put on strings to be worn on all parts of the body.

Amazonite was also used as a part of the Egyptian text “The Book of the Dead.” The stone was carved and cut into tablets for the use of the book's bindings. Even more spectacular, is that a ring with this stone was found in King Tut’s tomb, meaning it held great value in Egyptian culture.

As a metaphysical healer, this stone is known to soothe the chakras and align the physical body. Communication is enhanced when the heart and throat chakras are stimulated and wearing this stone close to each body part is known to activate these properties. Overall this stone is a symbol of hope and can be used in times of great peril to aid in honesty and courage.


Amazonite assists in communicating the wearers true thoughts and feelings without too much emotion. It also enables different points of view and makes it easier for one to see other’s perceptions. Sleeping with an Amazonite on or near can bring these qualities into focus through the use of dreams. As a support stone, Amazonite aids in overcoming loneliness and restlessness.

This stone is the type of crystal that blocks geopathic stress, absorbs microwaves, and protects against electromagnetic pollution. If you place it near any electronic device, it is said to help with headaches and pulls the energy from these devices away so they are not directed at the user.

Amazonite is also used for good fortune during games of chance and competitions. Since it is known as the truth stone, it can be used during these activities to keep the playing field even and honest. It is a great aid when you do not know your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses.

Special Properties

Amazonite carries a spiritual energy of personal truth. It allows the wearer to discover their truth and their intuition in right versus wrong. It is a powerful tool to use when the wearer needs clarity. Also used as a guide, this stone can offer the wearer knowledge of their personal gifts.

Using the throat chakra, the Amazonite empowers the wearer to manifest dreams and desires by illuminating personal intentions. They must be spoken aloud to stimulate this chakra, but if done so with great care, the welder can speak their desires into existence.

Meditation is closely linked with Amazonite as it brings awareness into consciousness. Using this stone in mediation inspires active listening and critical thinking to surface. Since it is the stone of truth, it will aid in understanding the emotions and physical feeling that is explored in the meditative state.

Final Thoughts

Amazonite is a balancing and harmonizing stone that tempers high emotions and calms the agitated. It is a proud stone that knows truth and courage and will aid in the wearer's discovery needs. Its power lives up to the river it was named for and carries great responsibility to those who use its gifts.

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