Jewelry Saving Lives: All About Us

Welcome to our new and improved blog! Here you will find all of our up to date information on our products and special announcements! Thank you for checking out our first post!

A Little Background

Jewelry Saving Lives was founded in 2014 by our esteemed mastermind and owner, Paige. Creating our company from her Master’s program thesis, Paige made the company’s foundation about making a difference and giving back. In doing so, our company has made long strides into creating eco-friendly sustainability and practicing ethically sourced mining for our gemstone jewelry.

We are, first and foremost, a women led and run company who’s greatest attribute is making the world a better place. To do this, we ensure our greatest source of love and inspiration: Animals! To give back, we take 10% of our profits and donate them to help injured and abused animals. We draw our inspiration from the animals we help and the animals we have at home.

As a company, we strive to always bring the best solutions that we can in the current climate that the world is in. Our top priority is making a difference to our customers, the environment, and to those in need. The world is a better place with beautiful things, so why not have a beautiful piece of jewelry to help save the day?

Business Morality and Principles

Each member of our team comes from a retail background, and while working for retail corporations we quickly noticed some horrifying trends, and we wanted to be part of the solution, not the problem. We set out to fix these current issues in today's retail climate and create products that are affordable, sustainable, and help animals while still having exceptional quality. 

We believe that helping the environment is just as important as helping our animals. We try to implement sustainable measures in everything we do. All of our packing, including mailers, gift boxes, ribbon, and flyers are made from 100% recycled products with no chemical additives. We always make sure our materials are mined from responsible sustainable sources and come from local family and artisan companies instead of corporate giants.

We even created a patent cut for our gemstones! It took a few years to perfect and to implement, but our goal was to create a piece that could be for the everyday wearer. Our signature cut is our most popular best seller as it is perfect to wear on a typical day or on a special occasion. This cut is particularly special because it will not get caught on everyday objects! These pieces are made to last.

Meet The Team

Here at JSL, we pride ourselves on not only being a women run business, but also for encouraging a more casual work environment. Unlike our predecessors in the corporate world, we believe that comfort triumphs over uniform! Our studio consists of our small team in a comfortable and warm setting. There is no dress code and we can openly talk about anything! It is a more freeing experience and an enjoyable place of work. Dare I say, our team collectively agrees that we cannot make the transit back to corporate life after working at JSL!

Here are a few facts about our team members!

Our fearless leader: Paige

She's the owner and mastermind! She's has a Master's in Sustainable Design and Entrepreneurship, her favorite stone is Tanzanite and she's obsessed with Zelda!

Our Artist: Catherine

She knows the history of every stone imaginable! Her favorite stone is the Padparadscha Sapphire! She has the best book recommendations too! Nothing can stop her!

Operations Manager: Nancy

She keeps the whole operation running. 

She went to college in Amish country! Her favorite stone is the Hexagon Onyx and she is Delta's best friend!

Marketing Manager: Shannon

She's the messenger of the jewelry gods and creator of social media chaos! She writes each blog post, product description, and email. Chances are if you've read anything on this site, it was crafted by Shannon! Shakespeare and novels make her heart sing!


Office Manager: Vanessa

She's the task master that keeps us moving forward! She was born and raised in Houston, TX and was a dancer for 12 years! She absolutely loves horror movies and her favorite gemstone is either the Tanzanite or Aquamarine!

Wrapping & Shipping: Kim

Kim is our pickiest team member who pays the most attention to the little things! She wraps and ships all of our products to perfection. She picked her dog's name Papitas from a dream she had. She's able to work, write, and paint with both hands and loves peppermint snacks and drinks!

Wrapping & Shipping: Stefany

Stefany is our newest team member who wraps and ships all products with her sister Kim! Her favorite colors are pink and yellow and her favorite animal is the jellyfish. She is currently majoring in Graphic Design. 

Meet Delta

Delta is the head of HR! She is the heart of the company and makes our studio warm and welcoming to our team! There is never a dull moment when she is in the room. 

She loves to steal jewelry boxes and keeps us on task with her hugs! Her favorite stone is whichever one she can reach to steal! She is Paige's dog but Nancy's best friend!

Until Next Time

Overall, we are a small company in our tiny corner of the world, making the world a better place, one gemstone at a time. Our hearts are with every animal who needs help and our thanks goes to those who have helped us get to where we are now! Let’s keep making the world brighter!

Thank you to all that have read this far! We are so excited to be able to give you a little piece of us! Check out our blog for more posts on our products and special announcements!

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JSL Team :)