Fur Babies of JSL

Animals are the greatest friends and loyalist companions. Here at JSL, animals in need are the greatest inspiration of all. JSL advocates for every animal anywhere and that starts at an individual level! Each of our team members are animal advocates not only at work, but also at home. Without further ado, here are the Fur Babies of JSL!


Delta looks like a Black/White Pharos Hound, so she is often called an Anubis or Egyptian goddess! She works hard, but makes sure she takes plenty of naps during the day. She will perch on any high surface, and I mean any! One of her most important tasks is head of JSL’s HR! She falls asleep upside down because no one can get comfier than her. She likes to steal jewelry boxes and if you take your shoes off, she will steal them too, but just to cuddle.



Tito is a giant German Shepherd who is scared of loud noises and hides in the bathtub! He only wants to play fetch and loves swimming.


Brewer, a Black Lab Mix is a rescue from Stafford TX Animal shelter. He will steal your seat as soon as you get up and always follows Tito around!




Spooky, a rescue Black Cat who loves to solar charge in the sun. He will only eat Fancy Feast Grilled food and yells at you when you don’t feed him fast enough. He enjoys naps and stealing your pillow at bedtime. He reluctantly accepts Hazel, but only to bat at her nose.



Hazel, a rescue Husky/Corgi Mix is a cheerful puppy who loves her squeaky toys! She will chase other dogs at the dog park instead of toys. She jumps up high in the air when excited and does not like bath time. When not playing, she loves to cuddle, but only if she is laying on top of you. She just wants Spooky to play with her and will always go back for more!



Pepperoni (Pep for short) is 2 years old and a polydactyl cat, which means she has six toes on each paw! She is full of sass and attitude and knows just how adorable is she!


Kim & Stefany

Papitas is a Chihuahua that got her name from Kim in a dream! She is adorable and loves to cuddle! 

Final Thoughts

Our fur babies truly make our lives fulfilled! Each of us aspires to give our animals a good and loving home. We know that our love for animals helps to drive our love for each animal JSL is able to help. Our advocacy started off individually, at home, and it has driven each of us to advocate for animals everywhere. We are so lucky to be able to work together to fight for animals in need.

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JSL Team :)