JSL October Giveaways 2021

Fun Fact: every October, JSL does a FREE giveaway contest!

2021 was a new addition to this annual giveaway because we had 4 winners for each Friday in October. This winner was chosen from their cutest pet Halloween costume post. They received our Asher Onyx Ring for free AND we donated to the week’s most popular animal rescue! We donated a total of $4,000 to the greatest shelters in need!

Keep reading to find out who won and what shelters we donated to!

Week 1

Our very first winner of 2021 @lillz021, stole our hearts with an ‘old man’ dog costume!

2021 Giveaway -JSL

We donated $1,000 to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC the same day! We were able to get their Amazon wishlist taken care of and helped out some beautiful dogs!

2021 Giveaway - JSL

Week 2

Our second winner of 2021 @thepalmerway, gave us a glamor shot with their pets and partner in their wedding gear!

2021 Giveaway - JSL

We donated $1,000 Hoosier Bulldog Rescue as nominated by @thepalmerway!

2021 Giveaway - JSL

Week 3

@panther_cleo won our third free Onyx ring with their adorable Halloween Kitten!

2021 Giveaway - JSL

We donated $1,000 to Whispering Willows SDS! They are a wonderful animal rescue shelter for senior dogs and provide life long care, as well as comforting hospice in an animal's final months, days, or years.

2021 Giveaway - JSL

Week 4

Our final Halloween giveaway contest winner was @lily_rose_adventures. Her adorable sphynx cat made it impossible not to pick her!

2021 Giveaway - JSL

We donated our final $1,000 to  Fetching Tails Foundation (FTF) for the amazing rescue work they do!

2021 Giveaway - JSL

Final Thoughts

October 2021 brought new nominations, donations, and a very spooky season! Our contest winners LOVED their Asher Onyx Ring and the animal rescues were able to get supplies they needed to help our favorite fur babies!

Keep a lookout for this year's Annual Halloween Giveaway in October! We can’t wait!

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JSL Team :)