JSL’s Bestsellers List

We often get the question ‘what is the most popular piece that you sell?’ Customers (usually around gift giving seasons) ask us what is in high demand for our shop. This is a great question, but we usually answer that everyone is unique, so it depends on their personality. That doesn’t seem to fully satisfy the questioner, so we thought of making you a guide!

That said, here is the official JSL Bestsellers List to help you decide!

JSL Classics

Our classic and most popular pieces started it all, just a few years ago. These items are still going strong in popularity!

1. The Asher Ring 

Our Square Cut Asher Ring is our number one most popular seller! The minimalist look of our signature cut truly makes for a great daily wear ring! 

Fun Fact: JSL's founder Paige created this unique cut out of her apartment and it is now a Patented design with over 5k sales!

Jewelry Saving Lives

2. Salt and Pepper Herkimer Diamond Ring

The Salt and Pepper Herkimer Ring is a fantastic raw and earthy piece that gives your look an extra piece of flare!

Fun Fact: These stones are only mined in one place in the world! Herkimer, New York!

Herkimer Diamond Ring


3. Alexandrite Earrings

Our Alexandrite Earrings are the perfect ear piece that will give you a color changing glow! They make a statement on their own and stack well with other pieces!

Alexandrite Earrings

4. Hexagon Moss Agate Ring

The Hexagon shaped Moss Agate Ring is a great double banded stackable piece that gives your look a very raw yet refined finish!

Fun Fact: These pieces are completely hand cut! We cut around the most beautiful parts of the Moss Agate ensuring a perfectly mossy, yet refined piece every time!

Hexagon Moss Agate Ring

5. Glowing Herkimer Diamond Ring

Our Glowing Herkimer Rings are truly one of a kind! These stones glow under UV Blacklight and come with a free blacklight keychain to show the glow off! Truly an amazing piece to wear to a night on the town!

Fun Fact: We are the ONLY shop who sells Glowing Herkimer Diamond rings! These stones are extremely rare to find and our gem miner mines them EXCLUSIVELY for us!

Glowing Herkimer Diamond Ring


6. The Ashlynn Emerald Necklace

Continuing with our minimalist look, The Ashlynn Emerald Necklace matches the Asher Ring perfectly! You can make these a matching set so easily so you get two incredible pieces in one order!

Raw Emerald Necklace


7. Faceted Natural Sapphire Earrings

Our Faceted Sapphire Earrings bring a beautiful blue glow to your ears! It’s faceted cut of the stone makes it sparkle like no other!

brilliant cut sapphire earrings

9. Alexandrite Solitaire Ring

The Alexandrite Ring is a popular color changing piece that can be made in a round or an oval cut! It's color changing properties ensure it will match every outfit!

oval alexandrite ring

10. The Audrey Natural Emerald Ring

The Audrey Natural Emerald Ring is a great statement piece that takes the minimalist style up a notch! It’s rectangle shape gives it a very vintage and minimalistic appearance, but it's large size shows off the beauty of the Emerald more than any other ring we have!

emerald cut emerald ring


JSL Special Occasion

Gifts for a very special occasion deserve their own list! Here are our Bestsellers that give something a little extra!

1. The Asher Raw Glowing Diamond Rings

Who doesn’t like a beautiful diamond that will glow? Cut in our signature patent style, these diamonds will glow under UV blacklights! It is a great unique ring that will make that special occasion perfect!

Glowing Diamond Ring

2. The Asher Raw Salt and Pepper Diamond Rings

Our Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring is also cut in our signature patented style to create an incredible minimalist look for that very special ring! These diamonds are so full of character with its many different shades.

Salt and Pepper Diamond

3. Three Stone Herkimer Diamond Ring

Our Three Stone Herkimer Ring is a new design by JSL that creates a more engagement type style. The three herkimer stones create a fantastic statement piece that many have lusted over!

Three Stone Herkimer Ring

4. The Audrey Emerald Ring

The Audrey Emerald Doublet Ring is a completely natural Emerald that shows off it’s great inclusions. You won’t find this type of emerald for this price anywhere else! This type of ring, the Doublet, is made with a rather expensive Emerald on top with a clear sapphire on the bottom, giving you the the rawest look of an emerald at an affordable price! This ring is perfect for an Emerald enthusiast that wants a fantastic piece to talk about!

Emerald Doublet

5. Black Star Sapphire Necklace

Our Black Star Sapphire Necklace is an incredible piece that creates a star inside of a black sapphire when light catches on it! This beauty is truly a great option for a special occasion because it is very unique and loved by star sapphire fans!

Star Sapphire Necklace

6. LS Teardrop Tanzanite Ring

Our LS Teardrop shaped Tanzanite Ring is a beautiful piece that shows off the natural color changing abilities of the stone! The color will change in different light angles and show off the natural Tanzanite’s facets. 

Teardrop Tanzanite

7. Blue Star Sapphire Earrings 

The Blue Star Sapphire Earrings are a popular choice! The star will appear when light catches the stones and creates a beautiful illusion for your ears!

Blue Star Sapphire Earrings

8. The Audrina Emerald Ring

The Audrina Emerald Ring is an absolutely gorgeous piece that is for someone who loves a statement piece. You will find that this ring is for the royalty of your friend group.

The Audrina Emerald

9. Faceted Teardrop Sapphire Ring

The Faceted Teardrop shaped Sapphire Ring is a beautifully brilliant cut sapphire that shows off each and every facet of the stone. This ring is incredibly blue and is perfect for those that love inclusions.

Teardrop Sapphire

10. Tanzanite Slice Necklace

Our Tanzanite Slice Necklace is just a piece of a natural Tanzanite. The slice is just a bit of the stone that would otherwise be incredibly expensive. This is a great piece for elegance and minimalism!

Tanzanite Slice

The next time you are not sure what to get, try out this list to get inspired! Our Bestsellers List will give you that push into greatness! These pieces truly are beautiful and you won’t regret your choice!
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JSL Team :)