JSL's October Giveaways 2022 Winners Week 1

We are SO excited to kick off our Annual October Giveaway with this week's winners!
Contest Winner
Our first winner of 2022 is...
This adorable mini Goldendoodle has major style dressed as a boxing kangaroo!
Bagel -JSL
Animal Rescue Winner
Our first Animal Rescue donation of the 2022 Spooky Season is..
Michigan Cat Rescue!
Their mission is to rescue as many homeless, abused, and abandoned cats as they can, to provide proper veterinary care, and placement into loving homes!
We just donated $1,000 to this AMAZING organization!
Michigan Cat Rescue - JSL
Final Thoughts
Thanks to everyone who entered! We have 3 more weeks left so keep tagging us with your fur babies' costumes and your favorite animal rescues!
JSL Team :)