The Tranquil Onyx

The Onyx is a great, deep black stone that helps with anxiety and is known to have mental healing properties. These stones can beautifly balance out thoughts and give a sense of relief when the mind is weary. The calming effects of the Onyx stone can help in moments of great turmoil. 


The Onyx is actually a part of the Chalcedony family! There are several colors associated with onyx such as, blue, green, white, and gray. Onyx does not always have to be the color black, but it is the most common. Sometimes, it can be white and black, often referred to as “marble onyx.” This color variation was very popular in ancient Greek culture.

Onyx is the Greek word for “claw” or “fingernail.” A natural onyx of that time would have the marble color effect where the white would look like a claw or fingernail mark along the inside of the stone. Today, we call this effect a ‘vein’ of the stone. This natural gemstone can have many different veins, making it very unique. 

In Roman mythology, it was known that Cupid clipped the fingernails of the goddess Venus, while she slept. The fingernails fell to the bottom of a river and created the onyx stone. Seeing as this was a stone from the divine, the Romans often used onyx to create letter or document seals with several layers, each of a different color.

Black Onyx has been used for centuries for multiple uses, but most common was being the support for gold materials. Handles, the base, legal seals, these are all the ways that onyx was used. A key fact of this stone is that it was very important to the groundwork of many products and projects.

Healing Properties

Onyx is known to be a protective stone, helping the wearer in their greatest time of need. Many cultures across the world have used this stone in ceremonies, everyday wear, and for healing. 

This particular stone was used to bring protection, healing, defensive tactics, and to help with a reduction of sexual liaisons. The stone was used to ward off unfavorable suitors and end relationships if the wearer wished. It protects the wearer from harm in those moments. 

There are those in the magical community who believe that this stone is a representation that death and rebirth are one and the same. There is a neverending world, where one just moves into the next life, instead of dying. Onyx is used as the messenger of the ‘dead’ during ceremonies and seances.

In modern times, Onyx is used to help calm stress and anxiety. Onyx is very popular among the millennial generation in particular due to its mental healing capabilities. The stone can provide support in stressful times and will help balance the energy in a conflict. It works to ease worry or tension and can help with nightmares

In Closing

The Onyx gemstone can bring peace of mind, strength, and a sense of calm to the mind. This stone is the perfect for any weary mind or when a boost of the spirit is needed!

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