Saving Lives Through Donation: Catie's Foster Fam

Catie's Foster Fam is a non profit animal rescue in Houston, TX that works with medical foster cases to rehabilitate them for a new and furrever home. We are so proud to donate to them this August! Learn more about Catie's Foster Fam below!
About Them:
Catie's Foster Fam is made up of solely volunteers! Their team consists of animal rescuers who have been making a difference in the lives of homeless pets for over a decade. Rescuing is their passion and they choose to help the most medically needy cases possible. 
Fun Fact: Catie's Foster Fam was founded 2021 by Catie who has been fostering medical cases in Houston for over 8 years!

This month, we want to focus on one special dog, Gaila (pictured below, to the left). She is such a good girl, but has been in and out of the vet due to complications her eye that was damaged and protrudin. She needs all the help and love that we can give, so JSL is proud to be able to help her and so many others at Catie's Foster Fam this month. 

Catie's Foster Fam Rescue - JSL Gaila Catie's Foster Fam Rescue -JSL

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Why We Donate

At JSL, we always look for the most dedicated animal organizations out there. We chose to donate $1,000 to Catie's Foster Fam because of the work that they do. They have given so many animals a better life at their rescue. They really stride to provide love, care, and safety until each and every animal finds their forever home.

They aim to rescue and rehabilitate the animals that need it the most, while educating the public and inspiring change!

Catie's Foster Fam - JSL Catie's Foster Fam - JSL

Final Thoughts

Thanks so much for reading! We are so excited to be able to share the hard work Catie's Foster Fam does everyday! We encourage our following to donate and advocate for organizations such as this!

If you are interested in more information about Catie's Foster Fam donations, click here!

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JSL Team :)