Saving Lives Through Donation: CUDDLY

CUDDLY is an organization that strives to help nonprofit animal rescues by giving transparency to donors. The platform enables donors worldwide to give back by supplying wishlists and fundraising for the most in need animals. Their work is instrumental in helping the lives of the most heartbreaking cases. JSL is proud to donate $2,000 to this wonderful cause this July!

About Them

CUDDLY is a startup created by and for animal lovers! Their main goal is to give donors a transparent platform to give back to animals in need. Using a modern approach to non profit donating, this company is the best middle man between a donor and an animal rescue. Their community base encompasses 250,000 people: full of rescues, veterinarians, and advocates worldwide. 

Their journey starts with the most in need animal case and continues until that animal has their forever home. With the help of donors, this company is able to give more than the average rescue because of their vast community. It is all hands on deck at CUDDLY!

Fun Fact: CUDDLY has raised over $47.1 Million total donations!

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CUDDLY Success StoriesCUDDLY Success StoriesCUDDLY Success Stories

Why We Donate

At JSL, we always look for the most dedicated animal organizations out there. We chose to donate $2,000 to CUDDLY because of the work that they do. They have helped so many of the most difficult cases we have seen. Without CUDDLY, many animals would have suffered even more.

We also love this organization because they are all about rehabilitation. Their main goal is to nurture these lovable fur babies from in need cases to their forever homes. They have amazing success stories that started from really horrible places. Not only do they care, but they make results happen.

Their staff is phenomenal at giving these animals the best life possible! Our hearts go out to the many who work for this company. They truly make the world a better place.  

CUDDLY Success StoriesCUDDLY Success StoriesCUDDLY Success Stories

Final Thoughts

Thanks so much for reading! We are so excited to be able to share the hard work CUDDLY does everyday! We encourage our following to donate and advocate for organizations such as this!

If you are interested in more information about CUDDLY donations, click here! 

CUDDLY Success StoriesCUDDLY Success StoriesCUDDLY Success Stories

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JSL Team :)