Saving Lives Through Donation: Hope's Story

Rescued Pets Movement is a non-profit organization that focuses on rehabilitation and transport of homeless animals! We are so excited to participate in their annual Chefs For Paws charity event!

About Them

Rescued Pets Movement's main goal and mission is to provide a second chance for thousands of homeless animals through rehabilitation and transport to forever homes throughout the USA and Canada!

Fun Fact: Did you know that JSL donated our bestselling Emerald Necklace and Emerald Earrings to this worthy cause? We helped raise $246 for RPM!

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Hope's Story

12/1/22: Hope was found injured and abandoned at a gas station where she was turned in to a Houston city animal shelter.

1/6/23: Hope was put on the euthanasia list.

1/7/23: Hope goes to a foster home with RPM!

1/15/23: Hope is the star of a fancy Chefs for Paws fundraising event that raised over $80,000!

1/18/23: Hope goes on a road trip to Colorado for a second chance at furrever!

For the month of February, JSL has decided to donate once again to this AMAZING organization to help Hope and the many beautiful animals just like her!


Final Thoughts

Thanks so much for reading!

We are SO excited to advocate for rescues such as RPM! Stay tuned for more donation blasts every month!

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