Saving Lives Through Donation: Linus & Friends

Linus & Friends is a non-profit organization that focuses on saving animals from kill shelters and dangerous places!

About Them

Linus & Friends is a volunteer based nonprofit saving who has dedicated their organization to helping dogs, cats, and rabbits in need! Their main goal is to save dogs, cats, and rabbits from high-kill shelters and dangerous situations.

Fun Fact: This animal rescue has locations in New York and Central Florida, but helps animals all across the US!

  Linus & Friends -JSL Linus & Friends - JSL

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Why We Donate

At JSL, we always look for the most dedicated animal organizations out there. We chose to donate $2,000 to Linus & Friends because of the work that they do. They have given so many animals a better life at their rescue to provide love, care, and safety until each and every animal finds their forever home. 

Their staff is phenomenal at giving these animals the best life possible!

Linus & Friends - JSL Linus & Friends - JSL

Final Thoughts

Thanks so much for reading! We are so excited to be able to share the hard work Linus & Friends does everyday! We encourage our following to donate and advocate for organizations such as this!

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JSL Team :)