Saving Lives Through Donation: RPM 10th Anniversary

Did you know that JSL donated bottles of wine to Rescued Pets Movement this month? Read more below to learn about their 10th anniversary celebration!
What is it?
Meow & Bow Wow Brunch Bash is Rescued Pets Movement 10 year celebration. 

This event is a heartfelt celebration of the lives they've touched and the incredible impact they've made in the last decade.


Who Is It For?

Rescued Pets Movement is a non-profit organization that focuses on rehabilitation and transport of homeless animals!

Rescued Pets Movement's main goal and mission is to provide a second chance for thousands of homeless animals through rehabilitation and transport to forever homes throughout the USA and Canada!

Fun FactRPM has saved the lives of nearly 74,000 homeless companion animals by rescuing them from area shelters and transporting them to permanent homes. And the number of rescued pets growing every week!


How Did We Donate? 

JSL donated 20 bottles of wine to the brunch bash to help support RPM's mission in saving homeless pets of Houston, more than 82,000 since their inception!


Until Next Time

Thanks so much for reading! We are so happy to help and support this wonderful animal rescue! Please read next month for more JSL Donation Blasts!

If you are interested in more information about Rescued Pets Movement donations, click here!

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JSL Team :)