The Herkimer Diamond

Upon first glance, The Herkimer Diamond would appear as a type of diamond one might find in engagement rings. The Herkimer Diamond is actually Quartz Crystal! It's called a diamond becuase of its natural 'diamond' shape and many facets. This gemstone is also an April birthstone alternative and is perfect for Spring! See more about the Herkimer below.


 One of the most notable attributes of The Herkimer Diamond is that it is a double terminated quartz stone. It was originally discovered in Herkimer County, New York, USA; thus the name. The first discovery sites of Herkimer Diamonds were in the city of Little Falls, NY and in the village of Middleville. This has given the stone the names of Little Falls Diamond and Middleville Diamond in addition to the most common, Herkimer Diamond.

Though the stone is quoted as ‘Diamond,’ it is actually a type of quartz crystal. It is called a 'diamond' because the Herkimer is known for its 18 facets and double points (one on each end) making the stone appear like a natural diamond.

The stone is mostly colorless and clear, just as a natural diamond are, yet there are some others that are smokey, spotted, and even glow under UV rays! Herkimer Diamonds can also be mined in Germany, England, and China, but the true Herkimer Diamond is from Herkimer, NY, USA! 

Fun Fact: The Herkimer Diamond is the United States' most exported stone! 

Herkimer Diamonds are a rare stone and an incredibly popular one! Tourists will often mine for their own Herkimer Diamond in Herkimer County, NY! There are tours set up at the mine that allow customers to take part in a fascinating demonstration of how these stones are mined. It is a definite dream for a gemstone enthusiast!


The Herkimer Diamond appears most commonly as a clear and colorless stone. There are different types of Herkimer stones however!

Clear: these are the traditional and most popular form of this stone! They can range in quality from A to AAA in terms of clarity. Some are so clear that you can see every single natural facet and inclusion that the stone has. It is truly a beautiful gemstone. 

clear herk

Salt and Pepper: The Salt and Pepper Herkimer Diamond has naturally occurring spotted areas within the stone. This creates a color variation between the clear stone (the salt) and the spotted areas (the pepper). This little play on words makes a traditional gemstone a little more unique! The "pepper" areas inside each stone are different and that means no two stones are alike!

Glowing: If you can believe it, some of the Herkimer Diamonds can even glow! This type of Herkimer contains petroleum pockets that, when under black light or other UV lights, will glow! Millions of years ago when these stones were being formed, petroleum would get trapped inside the crystal, creating little pockets. The trapped petroleum is what you see glowing! Some gems even have tiny air bubbles that move within the petroleum pocket. This air has been trapped in the stone for years! This is truly a mesmerizing stone!

Glowing herk

Healing Properties

The Herkimer Diamond is known for its power of expansion and connection. Those who practice gem healing believe that this stone can expand the knowledge of a higher power and connect it to the human mind. It is highly praised for its gift of receiving and giving energy. The high vibration that Herkimer Diamonds were created helps to stimulate the mind and mental energy of the wearer.

The clearest and brightest light that the Herkimer Diamond contains can purify energy fields and bring the user closer to their higher power. Herkimer Diamonds are also known to clean and heal the brow and the crown chakras. The pureness of these gemstones help in calming both chakras and instills restorative peace to the wielder of the stone.

The Herkimer is also known to enhance other crystals! They can be combined with another stone with healing abilities and the Herkimer will make the it stronger! For example, the Onyx is used to reduce anxiety. Wearing a Herkimer stone with the Onyx will strengthen the Onyx's calming abilities!

Final Thoughts

The Herkimer Diamond is truly an incredible gemstone. Its mesmerizing facets will give you endless angles to gaze from. The different types of Herkimer give a variety to choose from for your next jewelry piece.

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