Moonstone: The June Birthstone

The Moonstone is a powerful glowing gemstone that has been worn for centuries. The June birthstone comes in a white shade with variations of color flashes. It glows a beautiful inner glow that rivals that of the moon. Rumored to be made from moonlight, this stone is a powerful one to behold.


Moonstone has always been popular throughout history due to its natural glow. It was prized in India and Rome in particular, many believing it was magically formed from moonlight or moonbeams. Ancient Greeks and Romans even linked the stone to their moon deities. 

Moonstone comes from the mineral family feldspar, which is one of the most plentiful in the world, but that doesn’t make this stone any less valuable. It has often been used as accent pieces for accessories and has been used in jewelry since 100 B.C.E.

Thought to bring the wearer good fortune with its mystical history, this stone was adopted as the June birthstone in 1912 by the National Association of Jewelers of America.


The moonstone is known as a lucky stone and offers the wearer great fortune. Along with its birthstone abilities, many see the moonstone as having revitalizing healing properties. It can bring positivity where there was fear and it can help develop a greater sense of compassion, understanding, and empathy for those around you.

The stone can be a great gift for lovers as it can arouse feelings of love and passionate bursts. It taps into feminine and sensitive energies where a couple can find deep emotions for one another. It can even aid in exploration of sexuality. 

Many believed that a person could read their own future if they put the moonstone in their mouth while the moon was full. This is a practice that many still perform today and has been attributed to the moon's gravitational pull. Its ability to coax the energy forth from the stone gives the welder great power.

Special Properties

Moonstone is traditionally a milky white stone with a blue shimmer or flash that moves where light touches it. The color flash is called adularescence and the more the stone has, the more valuable it is. If the flash is another color besides blue, the stone is called a “Rainbow Moonstone.” There are many variations of this flash that can be different colors such as yellow, gray, pink, peach, and cream. This magical glow is actually caused by tiny inclusions that reflect and scatter light, mimicking the moon's glow.

Final Thoughts

The Moonstone’s natural glow not only gives the wearer great fortune, but can give them insights into the future and can aid in passionate moments. This is truly a powerful gemstone that has been coveted for centers because of its beauty and mystical power. Those born in June are at their peak with a Moonstone piece.

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