What is a Druzy?

Druzys are beautifully colored crystals that form on the surfaces of other stones! These beauties can range in color and have a very particular, almost sugarlike appearance. 

What are they?

Druzys are tiny crystals that form onto other gemstones, but the most common is Quartz! They form onto other minerals or stones naturally and can be removed to be their own stone or jewelry piece. 

Druzys can range in durability. Some (like the quartz druzy) are stronger, but the calcite druzy is more fragile. They are removed from the main gemstone very carefully, but they can be broken in this process. They are after all, naturally occurring crystals.


What do they look like?

There are several varieties of druzy because they can form on many types of minerals and stones. They will have an almost velvet sugary appearance. Each different type of druzy will have a specific appearance in size and color. Most notably, the druzy is very apparent in blue or green colored stones.

The crystals that form can be shiny and glittery, much to the delight of rhinestone enthusiasts! Druzys are a great splash of color that a rhinestone might lack! Its sugar or snowlike appearance might make for the perfect accessory to a unique look!


Final Thoughts

Druzys are a really beautiful crystal that forms naturally onto other gemstones. They can be made into many types of jewelry on their own, which is amazing since they are a part of another stone to begin with!

At JSL, Druzys are made into a round shape and set into a Bezel Earring setting, making these incredible crystals the perfect accent piece!

We will be sending FREE Druzy Earrings with every purchase until April 15!

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