What Is A ‘Mini’ Order?

Mini orders are small helpful products that are used in addition to our jewelry!

What Are They?

Mini orders get their name from the small and inexpensive products that are a general help with our jewelry! These items are usually small in size and in value which makes them a perfect accessory category.

Minis can be used to aid in ring size support, cleaning metals, and extending chains to get a full jewelry experience. 

What Types Do We Offer?

1. Plastic Ring Sizer, Adjuster, or Set

This mini comes in 3 options! You can choose from purchasing a ring sizer (to know your exact ring size), a spiral adjuster (to help with rings that are just a little too big), or a set of both products!

The set is the most helpful item to have in your jewelry kit because you get the best of both worlds!

Ring sizer -JSL Spiral Adjuster - JSL

2. Necklace Extenders

Have you ever wanted your necklace chain to be adjustable? Necklace extenders are what you have been looking for then!

These extenders are a helpful tool that will make your necklace chain flexible for any occasion.

Necklace Extender - JSL

3. Silver, Gold Fill, and Plastic Earring Backings

Earring backings are always the first thing to go missing when wearing a pair of earrings. Having extras is always helpful and with this mini, you can choose between 3 options!

To match a silver earring, we have the silver option and to match a gold earring, we have a gold fill option! You can even purchase plastic backings for extra support! Not only that, but you can mix and match these options for all your earring needs!

These come in sets of 3, meaning if you purchase any of these options, you will receive 3 pairs of earring backings!

Silver Earring Backings - JSL Gold Fill Earring Backings - JSL 

4. Pink Polishing Cloth

Oftentimes, we don’t realize when jewelry tarnishes, but this is actually really common! All metal can tarnish with daily wear, so it is the most important to keep your jewelry clean!

Our polishing cloth is made just for those cleaning needs. Not only will this cloth help with tarnishing, it will help with the shine of the metal as well! Cleaning with this polishing cloth ensures a life long jewelry piece!

Pink Polishing Cloth - JSL

Final Thoughts

Overall, mini orders really enhance your JSL experience with helpful tools that will make your jewelry last! These small tools are a great addition to any jewelry collection and the low cost of each one is a great deal!

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JSL Team :)