Happy New You

Happy New You


      The New Year brings new beginnings, new adventures, and new endeavors. It is a time for resolution and rejuvenation, but above all, the new year is a time to reflect on the past and move forward towards excellence.

      We hand selected these pieces for what the stones represent:

      -Moonstone: Positivity and Compassion

      -Amazonite: Good Luck and Good Fortune

      -Emerald: Spirituality and Faithfulness

      -Aquamarine: Happiness, Hope, and Truth

      -Citrine: Joyfulness, Brightness, Success

      -Labradorite: Spiritual and Calming Energy

      -Amethyst: Protective and Soothing

      -Malachite: Transformation and Easing Emotions

      -Quartz: Balance and Clarity


      This New Year, celebrate a new you with the Happy New You collection!

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